Recommended Books

Below is a list publications available in AuSM's Lending Library and the AuSM Bookstore. Titles are recommended by autism experts and are searchable by key word.

AuSM Lending Library

An AuSM Member Benefit

AuSM Lending Library titles include our "Recommended Books" list and many, many more. You may check out up to 2 items for 3 weeks at a time. By checking out Lending Library materials, you assume responsiblity for them; you may be asked to replace lost or damaged items. Visit the AuSM office to search and borrow from the extensive AuSM Lending Library or complete and submit a Lending Library Item Request Form. The online request form displays when you select a title from AuSM's Recommended Books. On receipt of a completed form, AuSM will ship Lending Library items to you for the 3-week loan period.

amazonClick here to link to the Autism Society of Minnesota's Bookstore on Amazon. Here you will find our selected titles and other offerings itemized by category: Autism and Employment; Biographies; Relationships, Marriage and Dating; Females on the Spectrum; Early Intervention; Social Skills; Emotion Regulation; Sensory Differences; Classroom Solutions for Educators; Fidgets; Daily Living Supports; and much more.


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