Emergency Preparedness



Emergency Preparedness Program for Families and First Responders

Recognizing that awareness and education are necessary to avoid unfortunate incidents and ensure safe encounters between public safety officials and individuals with autism spectrum disorders, AuSM created the Emergency Preparedness Program. Available on our website, this program's free tool kits help individuals with ASD, families, caregivers, educators, and public safety officers better prepare for and respond to emergencies.


Family Emergency Preparedness Kit

Designed for individuals with ASD and their families and caregivers, this kit provides tools and resources to plan, prepare and effectively handle emergency situations.


First Responder Emergency Preparedness Kit

This essential training for emergency responders provides education on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a way to understand the effects of an emergency situation on a person with ASD. Training includes: understanding, planning and teaching the necessary steps to effectively handle emergency situations, from what characteristics to expect to how to effectively transfer a person with ASD to the hospital.


Awesome Heroes: Be Awesome, Be Safe, Be a Hero!

childrensbookAuSM's new emergency preparedness children's book is available! Awesome Heroes: Be Awesome, Be Safe, Be a Hero! is a fun story about how three cool kids—like you!—became heroes. Learn about how they prepare for emergencies, stay calm, and get their very own Hero Awards! This book is a tool for parents, teachers, and first responders to learn about how children with autism handle emergencies. It is also an educational tool to teach children how to be prepared, be safe, and be AWESOME HEROES! Click here to order your copy today!

“AuSM Heroes is a wonderful story and tool for any family’s arsenal in emergency readiness—especially those families experiencing the challenges and joys of having a child with Autism. A lighthearted, fun, and encouraging way to prepare children and parents for emergencies!”
   —Linda Kennedy, M.Ed., parent of an adult with ASD

awesomeherobadgeOnce you and your child have read Awesome Heroes and discussed your emergency plan, click here to download and print your child's very own hero badge. Congratulations! You're awesome, you're safe, you're a hero!



Autism 5-Point Scale Emergency App

5pointscaleThe Autism 5-Point Scale Emergency app is free and downloadable through the iTunes store for iPods and iPads. This app helps individuals with ASD communicate with family, caregivers, first responders and other personnel in emergency situations. Click here to download the Autism 5-Point Scale Emergency app from the iTunes store.

The Autism 5-Point Scale Emergency app also is available for Android devices. Click on the following links to access the app for your Android devices.

Google Play for Phone and Tablet

Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone


Educating about autism and emergency preparedness

MNPolicewebA 19-year-old with autism escapes from an anxiety-filled family situation by running out into a stormy August night. The police get involved, and as the scene unfolds, they discover that emergencies involving individuals with autism require a different kind of care. To read this story published in Minnesota Police Chief Magazine, click here.


Ask the Attorney

The Police Can Do That?

Many parents call law enforcement for assistance with an escalating situation at home and are unpleasantly surprised by the outcome. Law enforcement officers have broad authority when it comes to interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and investigating crimes.