Steps of Hope


Save the Date:
March 1, 2015

Thank you for Teaming Up for Autism!
Thank you to the hundreds of individuals, families and teams that came together to raise money for AuSM's programs and services during Steps of Hope 2014 at Ridgedale Center. Participants visited with sponsors, picked up resources, presented collected donations, and had fun. Thank you to all of our volunteers, sponsors and walkers who made this family fun day a fantastic success!

  • Holywalk1web Holywalk2web

    Holy Walkamolies RI

    These two boys, Robert, age 16, and Izaac, age 10, live every day with unseen struggles. I, Jennifer am the mother of Izaac, and Kristine, my step-sister is the mother of Robert. Both boys have been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Yet, despite their struggles, they rise each morning ready to take on the day. Both boys have been active in community service activities. 

    "Normal is a setting on a dryer."


  • craftyboys2web


    The Crafty Boys

    Since 2006 we have come to know a lot about autism. It has been an amazing journey. So much so that I wouldn't necessarily call it the end of the world, it's just the beginning of a new one. I can't imagine not having met the people I know today and call my friends. We wouldn't have come to be where we are if it wasn't for our WONDERFUL PCA's, our FAMILY and our friends.

  • Irishdanceweb

    Team North Star Irish Dance

    North Star Irish Dance students are dancing their way to raising dollars for individuals with autism. 

  • JakeandLucyweb

    Team Jake and Lucy

    We first walked with Steps of Hope when Jake and Lucy were about 2 and 3. Now they are both teenagers. We walk to bring awareness to the community. Raising 2 kids with autism is no easy task especially as they become teenagers. We hope you can help by donating to help individuals and families with autism.

  • AutismWorksweb

    Autism Works Team

    The Autism Works team is dedicated to providing individual service to lead to individual success for people with autism in the workplace. Our team is walking for the hope of our clients, our children and even one of our own employees. We walk to unite our community and  spread the message that hope and success go hand in hand and autism is not a barrier!

  • TeamZachweb

    Team Zach

    We are walking in Steps of Hope for our son Zach. Zach is an amazing 8 year old boy with autism who loves to be with our dog Koa. Zach is attending a new school this year and has taken some big steps academically and socially. He has an amazing team of teachers, doctors, therapists, and PCAs who are very special to us. Every day we are inspired by Zach. Please join us on March 2 for Steps of Hope and help bring awareness to autism.
  • Croacksweb

    Team Croacks

    Angela, Kevin & Katie Crowley and Rob, Lisa & Shelby Dack have been doing Steps of Hope for 5 years. We started walking the year before Katie was born. While no one in our families is affected by autism, it is still very important to us. Angela is a coach for the Hastings Sharks Special Olympics team and to show our support, we participate in this walk every year to help bring more awareness to autism.

  • teamcoltweb

    Team Colt

    Together we can make a difference! Join us in supporting Colt and everyone else in MN affected by ASD!

    This will be our 3rd year walking for Colt who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Colt is now 6 years old and is in first grade in Champlin, MN. Colt enjoys school, hip hop dancing, transformers and playing Super Mario brothers. Every year we look forward to Steps of Hope as an opportunity to be with friends, family and the AuSM community. Let’s help AuSM reach their goal of $88,000 by donating to them. Donations allow this organization to continue helping individuals like Colt through therapy and supports families with loved ones diagnosed with autism through counseling and classes.


  • GabrielsGiftweb

    Gabriel's Gift

    Gabriel is our inspiration for participating in the Steps of Hope 2014. Our team name is Gabriel's Gift because he is such a gift to all who know and love him. Our hearts overflow and we want to pay it forward! Our autism journey began nearly two years ago. Since then, we have been introduced to a wonderful, loving community of specialists, therapists, social workers, teachers, and other autism families. We are eternally grateful for these people and what they have done to help Gabriel. Click here to read more about our story.


  • SammersJammersweb

    Team Sammer's Jammers

    This will be our 4th Steps of Hope Walk. We walk for Sam to show how proud we are of her and all she has accomplished since her diagnosis in 2008. She has come a long way with verbal and social skills, eye contact, controlling emotions and outbursts and learning all the things that come naturally to others. She is a talented artist, a beautiful girl, a loving daughter, a kind friend, a smart 3rd grader and an amazing kid with autism!
  • Pierce1web Pierce2web

    Team Pierce

    Pierce is a 10 year old boy with the most amazing imagination. When he's not struggling with his disability, he is very happy playing ninja and and using his super core powers. He assigns colors to elements and currently is enamored with golden powers. We did our first walk for autism in Chicago in 2011 and I will never forget his face when he asked, "Is this all for me?" It was a turning point in him understanding he had something called "Autism" and he wasn't alone. We look forward to doing the walk here in Minneapolis and look forward to bonding with other families!
  • TeamFreshBeatweb

    Team Fresh Beats

    We’re Team Fresh Beats, and yeah, we’ve got the Fresh Beat! Our inspiration is the ultimate gift from above – our Jason! Jason adores the Fresh Beat Band, any type of vehicle and especially his dog, Oscar! It’s been a rock star year for Jason, thanks to his kicking ABA team, his family and his awesome friends. Just remember: Friends give friends a hand! So, go Team Fresh Beats!  See you at the walk!
  • IanKlompenweb IanWindmillsweb

    Ian's Windmills

    On Sunday, March 2 we will be walking in our 13th Steps of Hope! Ian was 9 when we first brought our family to Ridgedale Center – and I can’t begin to think about the steps we all have taken throughout the years. Lofty goals we have met and exceeded! It really is amazing to stop and think about how our family and friends have grown to understand autism and to live each day with the joys and struggles ….. Thanks AuSM! Steps of Hope really is a great event! Go Ian’s Windmills!

  • UAUTISMUAlexweb

    Team Understand AUTISM Understand Alex

    We walk for Alex.
    We walk for Autism.
    I would not change my son for the world
    but I would change the world for my son.
    Click here to read our story.
    SimonSkeletons1web SimonSkeletons2web

    Team Simon's Skeletons

    Simon is an active, inquisitive, and sweet 4 year old boy. He loves skeletons, and can tell you all of the bones in the body. Simon was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3, but he doesn’t let it (or anything else, for that matter) slow him down. Simon loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, figuring out how things work, and assembling jigsaw puzzles.

  • TeamSammy2web 

    Team Rockstar Sammy

    We walk every year for my son, Sam. Team ROCKSTAR SAMMY has been going strong for about 8 years now. Sam will turn 12 this year. He is an amazing boy with an infectious giggle and smile, an astonishing memory and wicked dance moves! We love him so much and he inspires us every day! Go Team Rockstar Sammy!


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