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It's time to start team building!
Calling all sponsors, individuals, families, teams and volunteers! We look forward to walking with you in 2015 at our new location - Southdale Center in Edina! Plan now to team up to raise money for the Minnesota autism community, visit with sponsors, gather information at the state's largest autism resource fair, and have FUN. 

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Go Steps of Hope 2015 Teams!

  • SOHclrNoDateRweb

    Team Steps of Hope

    Come walk with us in support of the Minnesota autism community!

  • IanKlompenweb IanWindmillsweb

    Ian's Windmills

  • CroacksTeam Croacks

    Angela, Kevin and Katie Crowley and Rob, Lisa and Shelby Dack have been participating in The Steps of Hope walk for autism for the past 6 years. Angela is a coach for the Hastings Sharks Special Olympics team and to show our support for some of the athletes, we participate in this walk for autism every year as a family tradition! Join us and support those who need it!
  • UAutismUAlexwebUnderstand Autism Understand Alex

    My son was diagnosed in 2005 at the age of three. His future was uncertain. I put him in every therapy I could find. Now he is 13 and thriving, but our biggest obstacle continues to be understanding. It has changed me into a prize fighter - weaving and dodging through the "nos" and "can't be dones" to get my son the education and future he deserves. He gave me a strength I never thought I had. I will forever fight for him, and, in turn, for the more than 3 million other Americans living with autism. Hopefully someday there will be a greater understanding.
  • assburgerswebTeam Assburgers

    There is a story behind our team name! My 6-year-old son was diagnosed with Asperger's and SPD a year ago. When I sat him down to tell him, he started laughing hysterically. He thought I said "Assburgers", and said it wasn't appropriate to swear. He also said he didn't want to have buttburgers for breakfast as it was morning. So my son, Brock is my walking inspiration. He's my heart and soul, and we are in this journey together. Throughout his nearly daily therapies, he always has a smile and light about him, even through his daily struggles to try and fit into our world. Even though he's significantly delayed developmentally, he never lets that get in his way of overcoming obstacles. He loves when I read him instruction manuals, collects Pokemon cards, and can memorize songs and books after hearing them once.

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