Steps of Hope Support Grants

2014 Grant Guidelines

Since 1971, the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) has worked to support individuals and families living with autism. In 2003, AuSM’s Board of Directors created a support grant program with a portion of the proceeds from the Steps of Hope fundraising walk. It was the directors’ intent to broaden AuSM’s ability to meet the needs of individuals or organizations supporting people with autism. The goal of these grants is to stimulate creativity, encourage successful programming and expand opportunities for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders across multiple settings for many years to come.

2014 Steps of Hope Support Grants – Two Opportunities for Support
AuSM is pleased to announce that 2014 Steps of Hope Support Grants will have a dual purpose. In addition to funding programs that encourage teambuilding and supporting individuals on the autism spectrum, AuSM also will offer the gift of knowledge. Click on the links below to learn more about the 2014 grant opportunities and for application forms.

Grant Opportunity #1: Participate in the 19th Annual Minnesota Autism Conference: Autism in Focus - Applications Closed

Through the Steps of Hope Support Grants program, AuSM awarded five grants for single registrations to participate in AuSM’s 19th Annual Minnesota Autism Conference, April 30-May 3, 2014. Congratulations to the five winners: Marie Gayther, Rita Koelman, Teresa Krank, Suzanne Renfroe and Cathleen Zelinski.

Grant Opportunity #2: Maximize Collaboration and Partnerships Supporting People with ASD

AuSM also will accept Steps of Hope Support Grant applications for proposals that maximize collaboration and partnerships with other organizations supporting people with ASD. A Steps of Hope Support Grant must benefit children or adults with ASD who live in our membership area. Grants may be used to support projects 1) at school, 2) in a work or day program setting, 3) in a residence or group home or 4) in the family home.

More About Steps of Hope Support Grants

Through Steps of Hope Support Grants, the Autism Society of Minnesota awards thousands of dollars each year to proposals supporting individuals of all ages with autism. Grant applications have included requests for items such as iPads and other technology, specific therapies, a water filtration system, sensory room items, yoga start-up for children with autism, and fencing for a yard. Educators have applied for setting up sensory, technology or therapy rooms. These grants are made possible because of the generous donations AuSM receives at our annual Steps of Hope fundraising walk. The goal of AuSM grants is to stimulate creativity, encourage successful programming and expand opportunitites for individuals living with ASD for many years to come.

AuSM is very excited to announce that since 2003, 261 grants, exceeding $212,900, have been awarded to support projects in our community. Funding for individuals, families, schools and adult facilities include vital therapy options for people of all ages; social skills classes; support groups for individuals, parents and siblings; increased home security and emergency preparedness; employment training and much, much more. The Steps of Hope grants are an important facet supporting AuSM's mission of enhancing the lives of those living with autism.

Click here for a detailed list of Steps of Hope Support Grants awarded since 2003.