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VITALS pilot program applications still being accepted

VITALSbeaconWEBAuSM is partnering with Aware Services, LLC and the St. Paul Police Department to offer a free pilot project that uses mobile technology to help individuals with autism and other “invisible disabilities” live more independently and securely in the community.

A new technology-based project called the “Vulnerable Individuals Technology Assisted Location Service” – or VITALS – helps make the invisible visible. VITALS uses a transmitter, or beacon, and a mobile app that allow individuals with an “invisible” disability to voluntarily disclose their diagnosis to emergency responders within a 30-50 foot radius.

Pilot Program in Ramsey County
Ideal pilot program candidates are individuals with disabilities ages 15 and older who live in, work in, or go to school in Ramsey County and spend time in the community, independent of a caregiver. For more information, contact Jonah Weinberg, AuSM executive director at 651.647.1083, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

If you or someone you care for is interested in participating in this pilot program, CLICK HERE to complete the VITALS Pilot Program Application. If you do not live in, work, or go to school in Ramsey County but are interested in having the VITALS service in your community, CLICK HERE to share your contact information so we can keep you informed as this program grows. Pilot program applications will be accepted until program participation maximum is met.