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COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic autism support resources

AuSM Coronavirus Pandemic v4As we work through these unprecedented days altered by the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, AuSM is here for you. You may be feeling anxious over changes in routines, unsure about how to handle social isolation and distancing, and nervous about copious and often conflicting information available through the news and social media. You are not alone.

AuSM is creating and collecting support resources to help guide you through the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to washing your hands frequently, staying in if you don’t feel well, and social distancing, there are other strategies you can employ that will support your physical and mental health as well as your connection to others.

AuSM will update our pandemic support resources web page frequently. If you have specific support needs, we also encourage you to reach out to us. AuSM’s Information and Resources specialists are available to support you via phone 651.647.1083 and e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Now more than ever we feel the need to support each other and the strength that comes in working together. We see the parents helping their children adjust to a new structure for time, the teachers determining ways to educate outside of the classroom, the adults figuring new schedules and how to connect, the support professionals taking risks to be there for their clients - we see you, and we are inspired by your patience, determination, and compassion. Together we will get through this pandemic, and your strength will continue to fuel AuSM’s imperative mission of enhancing the lives of those with autism.

Click here to access AuSM’s autism support resources web page.