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Find your AuSM network

Many parents and individuals tell us that one of the most difficult things about an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Many of these same folks find comfort in AuSM programs because they find a community of people who are having a similar experience. As one mom wrote to us this week: “…More often than not, I feel like as much as I try to explain my daughter’s differences, her behaviors, her story, I am met with well-intentioned people who misunderstand her, or misunderstand us, as her parents. To know, last night, that we were in a room with other parents who have struggled in the same ways, or with individuals who are still learning to overcome the obstacles and challenges autism presents, was heartening…”

We encourage you to join a class to find your network of support. Our winter classes are forming now - sign up for the AuSM Discovery Series or AuSM Social Skills today!