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AuSM Advocacy: Update at a Glance May 20, 2013

Special Education

  • Several attempts this session to repeal MN laws & rules that exceed federal
  • Task force will be created to work with MDE & make recommendations
  • Prone Restraint (eliminated in 2 years) & Restrictive Procedures
  • Safe Schools bill did not pass so will need to be reintroduced next session

Autism Services Insurance Bill

  • Passed HHS Conference Committee

Governor’s $12 million Proposal for Autism Services

  • Passed HHS Conference Committee

Community First Services & Supports (CFSS)

  • Effective date delayed--April 2014?
  • Replaces county services such as PCA & Family Support Grant
  • Many details TBD—DHS placeholder language

Parental Fees for TEFRA

  • No fee for 275% of federal poverty level (previously 100%) 
  • Reduce back to 2010 rates

Self-Directed Services Workforce Council (with Child Care Workers)

  • Allows independent workers to form union
  • Council sets guidelines re: wages, training, etc.--eliminated in current version?


  • 1% for disabilities (ARRM & other advocates talking about possiblility of higher but doubtful)
  • 5% for nursing homes

The Minnesota Department of Human Services website has a page dedicated to 2013 Legislative Session Fact Sheets related to human services. Click here.