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Individuals Seeking Employment

AuSM partners with local business diversity committees, human resource departments, hiring managers, and leadership to educate employers on how to attract and retain individuals on the spectrum. Through this partnership, AuSM also gains knowledge that we convert to tools to help you identify jobs that fit your gifts and talents in order to support your goal of becoming successfully employed.

Click here to link to the Autism Society of Minnesota's Bookstore on Amazon. Here you will find our selected titles and other offerings itemized by category, including Autism and Employment. Click on this category on the right side of the page and you will see AuSM's Autism and Employment recommended books list. 

"I always dreamed of programming computers, actually making them. When I graduate, I will be definitely ready to get a job. I can also think outside the box a lot easier, because I've had to my whole life."

Jeffrey Mahacek, Dakota County Technical College Honors Student

 AuSM offers you:

  • Therapies tailored for an adult with autism struggling to be successful in a workplace environment
  • Annual state conference that includes speakers specific to employment
  • Mentoring capabilities
  • Skillshops on resume writing/transition challenges
  • An e-learning tool and professional videos to help with challenges in the workplace
  • An Autism & Employment Forum where you can learn more about employment strategies

Employment Book for Individuals Seeking Employment

  UnlockedPotential Cover

"Unlocked Potential: An Employment Guide for People with Autism" is geared toward individuals seeking employment. This book is available at the AuSM office or can be downloaded by clicking here.

Employment Resources

JAN (Job Accommodation Network): Accommodation and Compliance: Autism Spectrum

Meet the Future Face of Employment: Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology Fields

Click here to read "Getting Past the Handshake" autism and employment article from the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of the Autism Advocate.