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Camp Wish List

AuSM Camp Programs are designed to give children with autism a fun-filled summer experience. The Camp Wish List details some items that will help make each child’s experience even better – with great crafts, fun activities and more opportunities.

To donate to AuSM's Summer Camps, contact Ben Urbanek, Director of Camp Programs by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 651.647.1083 ext. 16.

Crafts & Entertainment
Deep pressure games
Koosh balls
Rain Sticks
Prizes for carnival
Old CDs
Moon sand
T-shirt paint
Tie-Dye Paint
Magazines (Scientific American, Wired, Discovery,
Anime, Animals)
History focused books, magazines
Items related to science
Fabric tubes
Colored rubber bands
Sharpie markers - all colors
Tempera paint - all colors
Pop bottle screw on caps
Corn starch
Dried beans - uncooked
Rice – uncooked
White athletic socks
Sponges - without the scrubby part

Time & Treasure
Scholarships for campers
Website about camp with video and pictures
Camp newsletter

T-shirts (shirts and screenprinting)
for all campers and staff

Post-It Notes
Avery Labels
Walkie talkies
Ear buds
iPod docks/speakers
Time timers
Bean bag chairs
Dry erase markers
Masking tape
Clear packing tape
Ziploc sandwich and snack size bags
Disposable plastic gloves
Diaper wipes
Lanyards - any colors
Shaving cream
Storage bins with covers - all sizes
Blank recordable CDs for music or pictures