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Non Profit Survey

My name is Jared Clapper and I am new to the Minneapolis area currently working at the U in the department of Neurology. I am currently working on a potential start up idea that I have in mind. In general, my idea is to establish a non-profit business and employ special needs individuals in order to create unique, personalized and creative products that can be used as decorative pieces for the home or office or as special gifts. 

If you are interested in providing feedback for this endeavor, please see the questionaire below and contact me at (215)-272-3521 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. If you could, please explain where you buy most of your decorative products for your home or office. Small “Ma and pa” stores? Bigger stores like Home-Depot or Walmart? Online? Other?
  1. In a short description, what do you like about the product in these stores and why do you pick the products you choose?
  1. Do you ever buy specialty products for your home or office (such as unique item or creative craft gifts that you would not be able to easily find at most stores)?
  1. If so, what does purchasing these kind of products fulfill for you (home decoration, fashion addition, office aesthetics, etc…)
  2. Does this product fulfill any social or emotion role on-top of the functional role it provides?
  3. Or any of these unique/creative items ever specifically for your kids or significant other?
  1. In terms of these unique and creative products, what features would you like the products to have that they are (on average) currently lacking?
  1. Is there any specific product that you would love to see the store sell that it is currently not selling? Any unique or creative ideas that you would like to suggest the store makes and sells?
  1. What are your thoughts on crafts made from old objects found around the house (Repurposed items commonly referred to as upcycled crafts)?
    1. Would you buy products like this from time to time if the price was right? Or would you prefer to buy more mainstream decorative items?
  1. Please mention any other comments as it relates to your purchasing of decorative gifts that you buy for your home or office especially as it relates to uniquely crafted objects. In other words, based on the questions listed above, what is this survey missing?