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Welcome to The AuSM Blog


Welcome to the AuSM blog, a place where individuals affected by autism can share their personal stories, resources, and thoughts on life with autism.

The AuSM Blog Guidelines
These guidelines aim to help our contributors create pieces that will fit the mission of AuSM.

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Courage North

Courage North

Written In Tengwar {Elvish}and Translated

T'was The Week Before Camp

And Throughout The State,

There Were Hundreds Of Campers Who Just Couldn't Wait.

"Is It Time? Is It Time?"

And Their Parents All Sighed. Their Excitement Was Driving Them Out Of Their Mind!

Kids Hurried And Scurried

And Packed Things Away,

And The Parents All Whispered

"1 Can't Wait For The Day."

Soon The House Will Be Quiet And Luggage All Gone.

Junior's Cabin in A Riot For Only So Long.

The Big Day Arrived All Over The State,

For The Campers And Parents Who Hadn't Long to Wait.

The Kids Were Dropped Off

At The Office With care,

In Hopes That The Big Bus Would Soon Be There.

The Behemoth Arrived; The Luggage Was Loaded.

(The Statement Above Is Accurately Quoted.)

Daydreams Of Hiking

And Fishing Trips Flew Through The Elated Minds

Of The Campers And Crew.

Four Hours Later,

We Arrived At Our Camp. Soon Welcomed By Tom

And The Rest Of The Staff.

Have a Great Session!!!!

By Mark Neuenschwander

June 21, 2013

Pregnancy and Autism


Choosing to become a parent can be one of the most amazing and challenging things in anyone's life. It can be even more challenging if you have particular needs or concerns surrounding the process, obtaining health care, or managing life transitions. If you have autism, all of these things can be challenges. Here are some things to consider if you have autism and are planning to give birth.

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