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Best Apps for Autism

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A list compiled by Olivia James

As tablet and smartphone technology are becoming more ubiquitous, the number of apps available for people with autism or mental illnesses has exploded. A search for autism on the iTunes store brings up more than one person could ever sift through. So to help you find the best resources out there, here are some of the top apps for autism. We've also included some for depression and anxiety, as those conditions are extremely common in people with autism.

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An ASD Sonnet

By Michael Penfield


I received a diagnosis claiming
I have ASD. Am I autistic?
I'm not autistic. I have many traits
That are autistic. It seems semantic
Making this distinction; political
Correctness misapplied? Do I contradict
Myself, Walt Whitman? In any case,
Humankind transcends all labels.

Usually I act and speak and think
In ways autistic. Sometimes I don't.
Sometimes people off the spectrum act and speak
And think in ways autistic. Usually
They don't. If my argument's prosaic,
Blame Calliope. I take dictation.