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Autism Awareness

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A poem by Leah Vollmer

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He looks normal on the outside, physically like everyone else.
He's a smart child, with a promising future.
But what his peers see is that he's different, in the eyes of teachers, he's an innocent, young boy- naive and easy to take advantage of.
Kids make fun of him, but a girl fights for him, stands up for his rights.
Why can't he have friends? The right to education?
He's a special needs child, and that's the only thing the school kids can see.
In their eyes, he's not "cool"
Kids can be cruel.
Kids are jealous when someone else is smarter than them. But why be that way?
We all have strengths and weaknesses.
We're all smart in our own way.
The child is bright, but scared to speak out, to even give an answer in class for fear of being laughed at.
Kids can be cruel. But he's got a friend, a girl who doesn't allow anyone to pick on him.
She understands he's special in his own way- that each child is special in their own way.
She understands him, she doesn't view him as different.
She's an equal opportunity kind of person, and the fact that he has Autism doesn't bother her.
She's motivated to speak out, to educate others about the awareness of Autism.
And as a young and beautiful adult, she speaks about the awareness of Autism, and that the affected child can still fit in, after all they have dreams too.
They like the same things other kids like, and they have the same challenges other kids may have.
They just want to be noticed and accepted.
Her first sentence: "Autism Awareness, let us make a change..."