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VITALS - Vulnerable Individuals Technology Assisted Location Service

The VITALS service allows users to use mobile technology to electronically disclose their disabilities to emergency responders (e.g. police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical providers, etc), in order to prevent misundertandings that could lead to escalated encounters. This is a voluntary service that the individual or his/her legal guardian must opt-in to in order to participate. The individuals or legal guardian creates a profile to disclose as much or as little information as they choose to share with nearby emergency responders.

The service is NOT autism specific, and can be helpful to anyone with an "invisible disability" (e.g. ASD, brain injury, mental health challenge, seizure disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, etc.). VITALS is intended to allow individuals with disabilities to be more independent in their community, by reducing the anxiety around interactions with emergency responders. VITALS is currently being piloted with the St. Paul Police Department, and is expected to roll-out statewide by 2018.

VITALS is a partnership between the Autism Society of Minnesota and AwareServices LLC; the service was developed with extensive input from individuals with disabilities, disability advocates, parents and caregivers, as well as emergency responders.


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